Persons behind Agentit

AgetIT's key persons combined experience of integration and message broker business is huge. Part of our team has been establishing one of Finlands first message brokers.

Toni Salminen

Development manager

+20 years of experience in EDI and XML projects. As consultant, architect as well as coder. Special skills also include planning and implementing migration projects. Thrilled about web applications and all tools helping to perform routine tasks.

Ari Pulkkinen

Chairman of the Board

Ari has over 25 years of experience in message broker business. Currently Ari (COB) works as a marketing director at AgentIT. He has been working in many roles during his career. He has deep knowledge of all aspects in integrations. Not to mention his visions of upcoming trends.

Tero Nummijärvi

Managing director

Tero has been working with different integration technologies since the 80's. Today his expertice lies in designing and planning as well as consulting complex integration projects. But when needed, also many coding languages work out.

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