B2B webshop and integration

New sales channel


New sales channel from scratch

Customer needed a new sales channel for business customers. Just in few weeks after project start first versions were running.

The solution is implemented using only open source products. For integrations between backend systems and webshop we chose Mirth Connect. The webshop itself is implemented using traditional web technologies php and mysql. CodeIgniter and Bootstrap frameworks were used to make sure mobile usability, code maintainability and rapid development. All components are located in Azure cloud.

What We Did

Mobile Compatibility

Bootstrap ensures functionality in all devices

Bootstrap framework was used for webshop UI in order to ensure usability in all devices from desktops to smartphones.

Mirth Connect

Webshop and backend are connected using Mirth

Mirth has proven to be a very reliable solution for integrations between webshop and backend systems.

Azure cloud

All services are run in Microsoft Azure cloud

Azure cloud ensures the reliability and flexibility of the platform. During rush hours, the upscaling can be done in minutes.


Rapid php development using the CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter php framework provided platform for rapid development and excellent maintainability of the code.

Mirth Connect

Robust open source integration platform

Mirth Connect has proven to be the right choise for integration platform in this case. The software supports all major protocols out of the box. And once set up correctly it is basically maintain free. No daily routines needs to be done, but the software is running reliably week after another.

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B2B webshop and integration

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