Integration platform of food manufacturer

Overall management of TradeXpress system.

Integration platformimplementation and maintenance

TradeXpress platform in customers own network

Customer wanted to move the B2B connections from a message broker to own integration platform. AgentIT assisted in choosing the platform and doing the actual work of establishing the platform and moving the connections to new platform.


The selectd software is Generix TradeXpress. The platform was built into customers own network and servers. The EDIFACT connections to customers were previously hosted by message broker. During project these connections were moved to new TradeXpress platform. This was a typical migration project. Only exception was that many convertor programs had to be rebuit from scratch.

What We Did?

Convertor programs

Format conversions for EDIFACT connections

In this project ca. 30 programs were implemented to convert SAP IDocs in XML format to EDIFACT and vice versa.

Customer connections

Data communication channels

Almost 50 customer communication channels were moved from message brokers to own platform. Most of the connections were traditional ftp connections.


Second level support is provided by AgentIT

AgentIT supports customer 24/7. Over time the knowledge in customer organization increases and less support is needed from AgentIT.


The inhouse format is XML IDoc

Customers ERP is SAP R/3. Conversion programs are implemented to convert IDocs to EDIFACT and vice versa.


No. 1 choice for Finnish EDI connections

TradeXpress was originally developed in Finland. And this is reason why it supports the Finnish OVT messaging out of the box. The system shines also in traditional batch transmissions, EDIFACT messaging, performance and multi customer environments. The system is very easy to use and learn. For these reasons the sofware is used by many finnish message brokers.

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Integration platform of food manufacturer

Overall management of TradeXpress system.

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