Pharmaceutical wholesaler

Lifecycle management of integrations

Integrations of pharmaceutical wholesaler

The overall management of integrations and platform

Customer has a centralized integration platform for all country companies. AgentIT has the responsibility of maintaining the platform and integrations in coordination with customer.


AgentIT is responsible of maintaining and supervising the integration platform 24/7.

Rapid development

Many teams develop the integrations and production deployment has big challenges in order to maintain quality.

25 country companies

The integration platform responds to the needs of corporate and it's 25 country companies.


AgentIT designs the implementations in coordination with customer. It's important to choose the right tool for every usecase.

What Is Implemented


Always a rush hour

Platform handles tens of thousands business critical transactions daily. No shortages allowed.


24/7 support

Platform is monitored 24/7 and second level support is always available.



Both modern SOAP and REST connections are used, as well as traditional FTP connections.


A true partnership is the key to success

Agentit works in tight co-operation with customers own integration team. Three key points for succeeding in the project are:

    • Well defined processes and resposibilities
    • Cutting edge technology
    • Right tools, formats and protocols for every tasks

Axway B2Bi

The core of the integration platform

Axway B2Bi is used as the core of the platform. Also supporting Axway products are used to support the processes.

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Pharmaceutical wholesaler

Lifecycle management of integrations

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